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Born in Vicenza in 1989, he begins to approach from an early age to the world of music by playing guitar and drums.
Mature  his first experiences as a drummer at the age of 14, recording  self-produced discs and playing with various bands in the Veneto area.

He  studied drums privately in Italy with Alfredo Golino and Stefano Pisetta and abroad Europe (Kaz Rodriguez, Dexter  Hercules, Chris Coleman, Calvin Rodgers).
He  attended the Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory of Vicenza (Guido Facchin)  and graduated in Pop Drumming at Bonporti  Conservatory of Trento with master Stefano Pisetta (Claudio Baglioni,  Mina, Fiorella Mannoia).

It  has made television shows (MTV, Rock TV, Roxy Tv) and studio recordings  badged Sony, Universal, EMI, in addition to having participated in the  recording of a gold record (Greta Manuzi "Solo Rumore").

He  works as a teacher, with passion and deep commitment, in various music  schools in Vicenza and privately, In italian and english language, in  addition to the activity of a session musician and performer in the  recording studio

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